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“Yes, I do know how to work them,” she said with a sweet smile. “Great! Can you tell me how?” Alec said, leaning closer to the bars. She looked at him and gave him a smile and said “no.” “What?” Alec said with a confused look, “I said no you need to figure it out yourself” she said, moving out of view before adding “think on it.” “Gee your very helpful” Alec said leaning back thinking hard. He pulled his necklaces out of his shirt and turn it over several times before words formed in his head. ‘Org? What does that mean?’ Alec thought as he decided if he should say it or not “Org!” Alec eventually shouted. A big rock appeared in his cell at of nowhere “holy crap!” Alec yelled as he yanked his foot out of the way before it got crushed. Elisabeth laughed “good try rider” she said. ‘Well, that didn’t work….. Let’s try again.’
Alec sat there for a few more minutes until another word popped in his head “Chinook!” he yelled and a big gush of wind hit him in the face “that actually felt good” Alec said making Elisabeth laugh even more  “this is the most entertainment I had since last week!” she said trying to catch her breath. “Welcome!” Alec said as he went back to thinking for a few minutes and a word popped in his head ‘well third time is a charm’ he thought as he was about to yell out the word. “Susceptible!” and the door flung open “hey, that actually worked!” Alec said excitedly running out of the cell. Alec turned towards Elisabeth and said “why can’t you get out?” “Because even though I’m not a fairy the king of fairies made it so I could have some of the fairies powers and weakness so I can control them when they get out of hand and these bars are made of iron.” She said looking at him
“Oh. Do you want me to let you out?” Alec asked smiling at her. “Yes please and in return I will help you save your friends and take you to safety with me,” she said as she fixed her dress. “Ok, stand back, I don’t want to accidentally hurt you.” He said as she ran to the back of the cell. “Susceptible!” Alec yelled and the door slammed open “Thank you,” she said as she did a curacy "you're welcome" “now let's go find your friends" she said as she made her way to the door. "Are we going to use the spell again?" Alec asked "no."  She ran at the door and kicked it down "well then I wasn't expecting that" Alec said as he walked out the door to a room with many colors "whoa, so colorful" Alec said as he looked around the room at all of the colors.
"The faster we find your friends the faster we can get out of here." Elisabeth said as she made her way up the stairs "hey wait for me!" Alec yelled running after her. When they made it to the top all the doors were different colors, then when he first saw them. They wandered around for a bit, opening and closing doors trying to find everyone.
"When will we ever find anyone?" Alec yelled impatiently as he shut another door in frustration "we have checked every room on this level and I already checked the rooms downstairs and the stairs at the top" Elisabeth said as she came towards him. "Did you have any luck?" Alec asked her, hoping that she did, but she said no and the continued to look for the missing friends. About an hour later they found nothing not even a clue "do you think we will ever find them?" Alec asked, leaning against the wall thinking about how he could find his friends.
"We will find them don't you worry" Elisabeth said as she gave him a hug trying to comfort him. They continued walking around the big house for a while until they stopped for a break to try to come up with more ideas on how to find them. After a while Elisabeth jumped up from where she was sitting a minute ago "I've got it!" she yelled, causing   Alec to jump up in surprise, “What do you got?” Alec asked standing up next to her making her smile and laugh.
“You’re a dragon rider you have connections with each other no matter what!” she said excitedly.  "What do you mean?"  Alec said, looking at Elisabeth "you're a dragon rider! You  can see what Draco can see!" she yelled, jumping up and down with excitement. "But I don't know how to do that!" yelled Alec in frustration. Elisabeth just gave a huffy breath and crossed her arms.
"Look, all you have to do is concentrate and try to connect with him with your mind." she said as she leaned against the  wall looking at him like he was the most helpless thing she had ever seen in her entire life. "Ok, I'll give it a try" Alec said, sitting back down on the ground. He sat there for a good long while till he got mad, "I can't do this!" Alec yelled flinging his arms up angrily.
"Yes, you can your just not trying hard enough," she said crossing her arms staring at him. Alec sighed and sat back down to give it another go, Alec started to doze off into dreamland, but Elisabeth wouldn't have any of that she hit him a couple of times in till he stayed awake. Alec started to give up on till he saw another room. It was a light blue color; Alec couldn't understand what was going on till he realized he was looking through Draco's eyes.
Alec moved his head back and forth to see everything in the room. He heard someone coming towards his room, the door open and there stood Mabuz in the doorway looking at him and then he shut the door and walked away from him. Alec let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding, Alec let out a sigh before trying to keep contact with Draco and talking to Elisabeth.
"Elisabeth I think I found him, but we need to walk towards his room till I can hear our steps near his door" Alec said, amazed in himself for keeping contact with Draco and talking to Elisabeth. "Alright, if you think that will work, then that's what we will do" She said starting to walk up the stairs once again for the search. They walked down the halls in till Alec heard his footsteps in Draco room, so he decided to let his contact with Draco knowing that they were near his room.
"This way" Alec, said taking the lead towards Draco's room. They made it to the room and Alec slowly opened the door to find Draco sitting in the middle of the room "about time you showed up" said Draco with his arms crossed. "Wait, you’re ok?" Alec asked, walking towards him "yes, I'm fine, I snapped out my trance the old man did to me after he locked me in here, and the door was locked and can't be broken down no matter how hard I ram in to the door" Draco said getting up.
"Who is that?" Draco said, looking at Elisabeth "oh this is Elisabeth she's been helping me" Alec expanded to Draco. Elisabeth curtsies to Draco and he bows back. "Ok, we need to get out of here" Alec said, turning towards the door and started out but there stood Mabuz
 "I knew you would be here sooner or later now you have to die. But how should I do it hm" Mabuz said as he was deep in thought. They took that to run, but they were stopped by Ivan. "Ah, I know how to kill you all. I'll make your friends kill you." He said as he let out a laugh.
 "Ivan? You OK?" Alec said, moving towards him slowly. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" Mabuz said smiling really big. "He's under my control now and he will do anything I say and your other friends will too," he said, looking, at Ivan nodding his head slightly "now I shall leave you, but you my pretty fairy you’re coming with me." He said grabbing Elisabeth's arm making her follow him.
“Hey, let me go you old goat!" Elisabeth yelled as she was being pulled away from Alec and Draco. 'Well, crap' Alec thought as he turned back towards Ivan. "Ivan! Snap out of it!" Alec yelled at Ivan "no use Alec we have to make a run for it hope that the others are OK" Draco said grabbing Alec's arm making him move away from Ivan.
They ran from Ivan as fast as they could, but Ivan was faster and stronger than them both. Draco pushed Alec forward as he was grabbed by Ivan and pulled down. Alec ran as fast as he could, by the time he got to the first floor, he ran in to Levi and Alistair. They both had weapons in their hands, Alistair had a claw like weapon in both hands and Levi had a Bilbo sword in his left hand. “Levi? Alistair? Are you ok?” Alec said as he slowly back away from them in fear.
They didn’t answer him only brought their weapons down, but missing by a few inches from him. Alec walked backwards from them and turn to run away barley able to get out of Levi grip. He took off running as fast as he could turning down random halls and doors trying to find someone anyone to help him.
Alec made it down the hall only to run in a dead in. He turned back around to see Levi, Alistair and Ivan behind him “Alec! Alec! Are you ok?” Draco voice carried from upstairs “Yeah I’m fine,” he yelled to Draco trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. Alistair and Ivan left them leaving Alec with Levi “Levi? It’s me Alec, don’t you remember me?” Alec, said trying to figure out how to fix this.
Levi didn’t seem to remember him. Alec thought and thought in till an idea “Levi there’s a spider right above you right now” Alec said hoping that this idea would work. “Where!” Levi yelled, jumping back looking around him trying to find the so called spider “wait, there’s no spider is there!” Levi yelled at him. Then he looked around him “where’s Alistair, Ivan, and Draco?” Levi asked Alec “well.” He started only to be cut off by a scream.
Chapter five is up! it's on here, wattpad, and quotev! Please tell me what you think of it!!!!!!! 


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